Why Managed PMS systems? 

Managed Medical Apps

Medical professional practices are not just another kind of small business, and the needs of your customers are not like those of most other enterprises. Medicine is a highly regulated industry with complex funding models, high reliance on data availability, significant privacy issues around data storage and access and a range of location dependencies. And yet the individual needs of those practices can vary widely based on size, catchment geography, site dispersal and a range of other factors. Added to this now are pressures to consolidate practices and to move Practice Management Systems into the “Cloud”. 


Benefits of Professional Health Care Practices Services


Medical practices are special and subject to a range of demands and restrictions that other businesses are not. When you deal with Think I.T., you will not be treated as just another business, but with the consideration of the special requirements of healthcare and your practice’s specific needs. 

Medical IT Services


  • Highest Concentration of Medtech Certified Engineers in the World
  • Remote support anywhere in NZ
  • Developed and introduced innovations to make Medtech even more useful

Incisive SPM

  • Health Practice Manager
  • Practice Manager Software
Medical IT Services
Medical IT Services

My Practice

  • GP Practice Software
  • Healthcare Software New Zealand
  • ACC form

Indici (Patient Portal)

  • Myindici
  • Indici Health
  • Practice Manager
  • EMR Systems
Medical IT Services
Medical IT Services


  • NZ Medical Certificate Template
  • GP Clinic Software
  • Legal Practice Management Software NZ