Managed Medical I.T. Solutions

Managed Medical I.T. Solutions

We know you want to partner with a technology company who you can trust, understands healthcare in New Zealand, the demands involved and who will ensure confidential data and systems are kept secure at all times.

You're not like any other business. We tailor solutions that work a treat for your practice.

We pride ourselves in providing value to our business partners, whilst taking the time to align your business goals with our methods. Medical practices like yours are special, and subject to a range of restrictions that other businesses are not. Therefore, we will come up with a business solution that not only suits your practice needs and problems, but also delves into how your practice can boost productivity and add value.


Think Medical Can Assist You With:

  • Implementation of new installations;
  • Network design;
  • Maintenance and upgrade management;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Data backup and disaster recovery;
  • Remote access;
  • Offsite hosting;
  • MedTech training
  • Transitioning to or from the Cloud.
  • Healthlink
  • ACC Digital Certificates
  • Best Practice
  • Digital Dictation and Transcription
  • Critchlow Geostan
  • SecurIT / Health Intranet (Healthlink Approved Installer)
  • Electronic Special Authorities
  • TXT2Remind (SMS patient reminder system)
  • CBG HealthStat

We offer a fixed monthly fee to cover all MedTech upgrades, back-up and restore processes.  Contact us on what your needs are and we can help make a positive change to your practice through our IT and technology solutions.